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entirely. It is very slow work however we are only
going 6 1/2 knots an hour last night we were going 11
knots with the steam. The sea is running [struck through: mountains] [written above:very]
high today. I have often heard of mountain high
waves but I see them here today at one time
the waves open up & leave us in a deep valley
at another they close & raise us upon the top of a
mountain of water. it is a grand & terrible sight & when we
think that in a moment we might all be swallowed
upon the raging deep & how soon all the wisdom &
skill of man might prove of naught. We have shown
to us in an unmistakeable manner the benificence
& forbearance of God to fallen man. I have had
strange dreams every night of late. I have imagined
I was at home again that I was once more among you
all every one of your faces was distinctly before me
& so strong was the impression left that in the mong. [morning]
I could not believe I was in that berth on board the
"Candia". We have an officer on board who
is a most notorious liar but still one cant help
laughing at his stories the following is a specimen
He says he was out hunting in India one day

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