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We left Lat. 4.5 N Long. 21.28 West
140 miles.
Sept. 2 We will cross the line tomorow.
No ceremony. Ceremony as it used to be
Complaint about dinner. Lat. 1.50 North
Long. 21.2
Sept. 3rd. Crossed the line. Wind ahead at
11 o'clock. Signalled the "Ville de Aigue Morte" &
asked them to report us. Wind changeable.
Lat 00.55 S 21.34 W 149 miles.
Sept. 4th. Spoke the Schooner reward from L'pool to
Cape Town had been 42 days at sea. We had been 18 days
Lat 4.8 South Long. 22.52 W. 219 miles
Sept. 5th Notice up to prevent Cards on the Quarter deck.
Lat 4.16 S Long. 23.4 W, 204 miles
No singing after 10.30 at night.
Sept. 6th. Service today by the purser & surgeon on q deck
large attendance. Fine pleasant day. Sails all set.
Lat 10.33 S Long 25.31 W 231 miles
Sept. 7th First appearance of the Candia Gazette.
Lat 13.53 South Long. 24.4 W. 229 miles
Sept. 8th Hailed the Maryanna from L Pool to
Bombay. She had been at sea 50 days. Singing in
the leeway to commemorate Sebastopol. Weather
fine. port open 16.31 S Long 28.20 W
185 miles.

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