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Sept. 9 passed a large Clipper this morning. Supposed
to be the "James Baines" Saw this evening first time
Southern Cross & Crown. passed 3 sail this afternoon.
nearly dead calm. Lat. 18.48 S. Long 28.1 W. 148 miles.
Sept 10th passed the "Sir R Sale" and "Owen Glendowr"
the first with companies troops on board. The other had
the 7th Fusiliers on leaving them band struck
up Auld Lang Syne Lat 21.2 S. Song 26.56 West 158 miles.
Sept 11 "Spoke the Walmer Castle" at 6 this morning she
had left England 38 day with the 49th Highlanders
on board. Lat. 2.31 S Long 25-18th W. 159 miles.
Sept 12th 4 weeks since we left England. Saw
Cape pigeons & Careys chickens. Lat 25.40 Sout. Long 23.25 West 209
Sept 13th. beautiful morning breeze light Service by
Chief Office & Surgeon. Lat 28.04 South. Long 21.48 W 180 miles.
Sept 14th. Ship rolling heaving last night. Saw
albatross this morning. Lat 30.13 South Long 20.20 West 156 miles.
Sept 15th. Fine breeze in the afternoon.
Lat 32.68 Long 17.58 W. 169 miles.
Sept 16th. Good days sailing 237 miles.
Lat 33.45 S. Long 13.57 W.
Sept 17th Weather cold. fishing and shooting
albatross. Lat 35.29 S. Long 9.43 West.

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