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Smith. I was driven home at 7 in his garry
too late for dinner party of 12. Posted letter
Journal for home letters & collars for
Bessie & Kate & letter to Fred:
Nov 10th. Mail leaves this morning. Up at
7 o'clock. Weather was cool in the morning
Great numbers of Brahminie Kites Crows.
& Adjutants about. [? Beastie] filling up the
baths from leather water bags. Watering sheets
with same.
Nov. 11th. Up at 6 this morning. Saw Capt.
of the rifle brigade leave. to go up country
played Cheer boys Cheer. A review of the 42nd
Highlanders in the afternoon. Gov: Gen & Lady
attended. Quick & slow marches
Garb of Old gaul & Bonnie Laddie, played.
Called at the fort in the eveng. Saw Walter
Fielden McDakin. All busy packing to go up
Country in the Mg.
Nov 12th. Up at 6 Went to post office
to look for letter from home- found none
While ar P.O. 42nd, Highlanders 4 Company

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garry = gharry