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Marched past going to Railway for Raneegange
Went with Walter across the Ferry to other
side of Ganges. Saw the 42nd off in the Rail
bid Walter Feilden Coleridge McDakin Christie
good bye. how many of them will return to
Calcutta & England? Returned with Shaw.
got his garry to Gov't place. got back at
9-10 am. promise of Nana Sahibs head
from Feilden.
Nov 13th. up at 6 went to P office to inquire
for letters, looked old letters (none). told there
was none. returned home very dull what can
have happened that there is no letter. I am sure
Jessie or Mary must have written. Next to
Dispy. after Tiffin 1st time. Shortly after a letter
came all well at home thank God for that,
Egan called in the eveng. Dined with us.
What can be wrong with Fred that he has not written?
Nov 14th. Rose this morning happy with the
thought that my mother was well oh how
it makes me feel for her to think of the tedious

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