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dropped from the quarter of the ship
& the native succeeded in taking
hold of it. 6 seconds longer & he would
have been lost.
This forenoon made visits round the sick
men found most of them improving. 2
men however still remain in a precarious

19th Left Kedgeree in tow of the Sydney
past Saugor island between 12 & 1 oclock.
lost sight of land at 2. OClock. Pilot went
left at 4 oclock. I sent letters for home
stating that I was of to the Cape & that Barry
was to draw my pay & remit Cos. Rs. 50
monthly. Wrote to Fred Bessie & Kate I.
This Afternoon boy fell overboard from
boat. [illegible?] and bravely lines dropped for
him but he struck out from the ship
Lascars would scarely help to save
him but on being Shouted to from
our ship they reached him an oar
As soon as he got into the boat he

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