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springing up, the last two nights
have been squally with rain. Reading
Hooper's Vade Mecum & I am: Harald,
My. servant. not having got on board
the ship just sailed as he was
Coming alongside in a dingy with
my clothes from the Dhobie & Cap,
on the day we left Calcutta. Have
got a Soldier named Hicks as a
servant. Passed the evening reading
letters from Home.
Friday 26th till Wednesday 3rd. Mch.
During this period the weather has been
excessively hot, till the 1st of March
the calm continued during which the
heat was excessive. Lieut. Robinson
R.A has been laid up with fever but
is recovering. A good many of the soldiers
have also been laid up with fever.
We crossed the line yesterday
& a light but favourable breeze
is carrying us on slowly. the

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