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alone here not having procured a bed
before I came on board. I have got a
matress out of one of the soldiers
swung cots upon which I sleep
as snug as possible. the lid of my
shaving box does for a looking glass
my old boxes one placed [written above] below the bunk
(the smallest one) the other the lge
one so carefully packed by my
sisters before I left stands by the
side of my bunk. A Chinese fan
a solar topi & 2 straw hats decorate
the wall of my cabin & & brass
basin soap dish & tooth & nail
brush brought from Calcutta constit
ute my Cabin furniture. I wake
up at 6 or rather I am wakened
up by my servant bringing coffee
then get my book & read an hour
before I get up (an old fashion at
home) which I have not yet lost the
Capt. then comes into my cabin

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