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last night had a debate with the
Capt. on the motion of the earth round
the Sun. The Capt. accounting for the
Seasons by the elevation & depression
of the poles. intend commencing a
long letter home today to post at the
Cape if there is a chance of it reaching
home sooner than from India.
[Monday scored through] Friday March 5th. 1858 [underscored]
Robinson has had a relapse & is
getting worse. the weather is very
squally & cloudy. they blow very
violently for a few minutes & then
the rain comes down in torrents.
[Thursday scored through] [Friday scored through] March 6th. 1858 Saturday{underscored]
It has continued to blow all night
squalls coming on every 10 minutes.
The fore & main top laid sheets have
both been torn by the violence of the
wind. Poor Robinson is still getting
worse medicine has no effect upon
him he is quite delirious now
& has fallen comatose died at 1/2 past 6

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