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But its cold stillness solemn spoke
Death's ruthless hand laid it there
II Cold as the marble spotless bright
was that young brow so pure & fair
Closed were those eyes of amuse light
and still that soft bright curly hair.
Those pallid lips that oft had smiled
In life, on those he loved so well
were now by death's dark angel stilled
To earth had bid their last farewell
III There stood the hardy sailor band
men of Europe Afric. Ind.
Even they mourned him who in spirit laid
Now lived yet noble fair & kind.
They wrapped the canvas round his form
He sank beneath the parting wave
far from the Sunshine & the storm
Deep in the ocean's coral cave.
IV The ship sped onward far away
from whence he sleeps in silence deep
The rolling oceans oer him play
But ne'er can break his mournful sleep.

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