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below. I find to be one of the number
who left Edin. for the Crimea
in the Golden Fleece. (the 4th regt.)
some three or four years ago. he
took ill going up country & has
been invalided to the Cape
The weather is beautiful & much
cooler now. We have got into the
South East trade winds now. &
the ship goes spanking along
quite gaily. We expect to reach
the Cape (DV) in 3 or 4 weeks
The Capt. promised me a copy of
the log which I must make use of
Sunday. March 14th 1858.
Is always Sunday everywhere although
there be very little to mark it the
detachment of artillery are mustered
on deck along with those of the
invalids who are able to be on
deck. We had no service today
as [D scored through] Lt. Dadson is laid up

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