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with his knee joint & I do not know
the English Church service sufficiently
well to undertake it. Read 14 chapters
in Genesis this morning. The day is
beautiful & clear & the sun rather
hot during the day the wind is still
keeping fair & the Capt. fully expects
to run down to the Cape in 24 days.
Tuesday Mch: 9 till Friday
Mch: 26th 1858
During this time we have been grad-
ually making our way down to the
Cape of Good Hope. No further serious
illness has occurred on board with the
exception of one of the soldiers who
was knocked down by sun stroke.
he has however recovered & is now quite
well. We have had on the whole
fine weather occasional squalls &
one night it blew very hard but
it cleared before morning & we have
since had fine weather. Our

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