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Wednesday 31st

A good breeze speang up from E.S.E.
& we skirted slowly along the
coast at about 10 miles distance previous
[t]o this in the forenoon. We were nearly
becalmed & the ship was brought too
I've had some fishing, the Capt caught
7 large fish weighing from 4 to 12 lbs
(Snappers). [the coast along struck through] the
Carpenter (Chips) caught 2 & one
of the sailors caught 2. A plentiful
supply of fish to Lunch and breakfast.
for 2 days the coast along which
we are sailing is high & mountainous
Several ranges of hills rising behind
each other different degrees in height
in the evening sighted hill called

Thursday April 1st 1858.

Have been carried off from the
land for a long way to the southward
by a strong current. this morning

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