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We came to anchor at 2 o clock.
We were near going on shore & the anchor
parted by the strain. We however
got the other anchor down & all put
to right. Gen Salter immediately went
on shore Lt Dadson & I went to
go on board the "Adelaide". She
(Black boatman 'bout ship) steamed
off just as we got along. Dadson
shouted out to inquire for his brother
wounded in China. Next went on
board the "Octavia" saw Dr. Taylor
whom I had parted with in Calcutta
6 weeks before. he was rather as-
tonished to find me down here. asked
him to see Fred. when he went
down to Edinburgh. Went on board
& dined. In the evening Dadson &
I called on the Brigade Major &
Dr. Summers the P.M.O. at Cape Town
& reported our arrival Could not
get off at night to the ship slept

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