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written to the PMO for that purpose
did not wish me to attend at the
hospital until positive orders
arrive. It was blowing a South
Easter when we went on shore so
I could not get off to the ship that
evening. Slept at Mrs Parkes Hotel.

April 4th 1858.

Capt came on shore to go the
excursion to Constantia that Gen
had promised but the
Genl. had taken ill during the
night. [at scored through] Called me to see him.
He was not able to go in the
morning. The South Easter continued
to blow with great violence throughout
the day. The Captn went on
board in the evening. it was blowing
a stiff gale. Remained on
shore & slept at Mrs. Parkes

April 5th 1858.

At Mrs Parkes all day & slept
all night there.

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