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Uneven road. Several times our carriage
was on the point of being upset. [after scored through]
A very fine scene presented itsekf here
[Simons Bay] to the left & the huge
precipitous mountains overlooking it.
{{Constantia]] with its vineyards and trees
in front & extending a considerable
way on the southern side of Table
. We stopped at Rathfelders
in Wynberg to Tiff. I met the
Brigade Major again & Sir Wm. Wise
Commander of the "penelope" at present
lying in Simons Bay on her way home
from India. We started off for Cape
about 5 in the evening. A
beautiful calm clear evening like
one of her finest in England. the
heat of the day mellowed down
& the cool gentle breeze coming
down of the sea. We passed the
Wynberg Stage Coach dashing along
with its four horses in the old English

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