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& that tack took us clean out of
the Bay & then we had fair wind.

Tuesday [19 changed to] 18th. May 1858.

The breeze has freshened considerably
this morning & we are dashing
on rapidly to the southward &
eastward freshening breezes &
[struck through Wednesday [20 changed to] 19th. May]
[struck through Blew strong during the night &]
we got under double reefed topsails
cloudy weather at 2 in royals
furled main course wind &
weather do. Lat 36.2 Long 24.24

Wednesday May 19th. 1858

Light breeze from NE. passed 2
vessels steering westward.
evening off L'Agullas bank ship
rolled heavily passed several
ships bearing westward.

Thursday May 20th 1858.

Steady breezes & fine
Lat 36.40 Long 24.58.
130 miles

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