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Which the horse was labouring might in a great
measure depend ofn the atmosphere he had been breathing
I recommended waiting 1/2 an hour before bleeding
was resorted to as the fresh breeze on deck might
have time to oxygenate the blood & render circulation
& respiration more free. At the end of half an hour
found the pulse very much diminished in
intensity the breathing much easier & the horse
looking more lively. beleiving now that bleed
ing might not be required at all. I recommended
waiting an hour longer & went to my cabin
On coming out I saw the horse staggering. Went
to see the cause & found the jugular vein
had been opened. I had only time to shout out
Stop That when the horse giving two
violent plunges forward fell on the deck. I
then told the groom that in bleeding a
horse he should not judge by the quantity
of blood taken but the effect produced & at the
same time said that in all likelihood
the horse had not required bleeding & that
I ought to have seen him again before they

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