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Saturday Oct. 23rd. 1858.

During the last month have still
continued on bd. [board] the "Proserpine" the
weather has been very hot & close
we have has another trip to
Kyauk Phyoo & Sandoway the latter
to take Mrs. Beddy up there.
Have sent home Rs 100 for RL and
a letter by each mail Received a
letter from Jessie at Kyauk Phyoo
August date. Wrote on the 18th
Just to Barry McLaren house
in answer to Jessies letter & an
offer of service up county from
the D.I. & the Govr. in Chief.
have been atteg. Edith Mg. & Eg.
Strong breeze of wind last
night. No word from Fred or
K yet.

Nov 5th. 1858

This afternoon the proclamation
of the Queen was read by the

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