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mentioned that Subliuepore[?] was
filled up by a Dr. Jackson &
that there were 3 or 4 Candidates
mentioned to him that I only noe
regrettrd not having gone up for
the Cos. Examination before coming
out. Said I could do so yet.
Anchored at Sing Gong [underscored] between 6
& 7 ocl.

Monday Decr. 13th 1858

Under weigh this morning again
at day light proceeded up to Tody
& anchored there. Sepoys
sent ashore in the PB Boat to march
up to Sandoway. Convicts & Sepoy
gd. sent up to Sandoway in the
PB Boat. the Gunner & Mr Law with
her. After breakfast Capt
Col. Sale Dr. Brown & 2 young
men passengers & myself went up
to Sandoway in the Cutter
Called at Dr. Jones then on

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