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New Years Day 1859

Jany. 1st/59 Up between 6 & 7 oclock
firing the 32 pounder on deck. Shot
nearly reached Coast opposite to kyauk
fired 5 shots. Evans came on bd.
in Uniform Solah Topi. Cassiagni making
coffee before breakfast in the Table
breakfastes at 1/2 past 9 on wing
& leg of a duck. Eggs Bacon Rice &
2 boiled Eggs 1/2 glass Beer thus
few written at 10.20 after breakfast
remained on bd. all day chatting to Dr. Pettayal
Mrs. P. Mrs. Eales. Went on shore about
1/2 past 5 with Dibbs called to Law
Thomas wen to the Circuit Bungalow
Met Ripley getting ready for the
large dinner. Went to Ripley's house
Evans Morris & Johnson came with
Frenchman & Young. went over to
Circuit Bungalow to dinner between
6 & 7. large Party. Major Vemer & Mrs.
Dr. Pettayal & Ms. Pettayal Capt. & Mrs. Eales

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