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of[f] their forehead & fastened in a knot
behind. Some of then wear a jacket
similar to the men but a little longer.
they also wear a kind of redecloth
round the breast & a lungy [struck through: coming]
wrapped round the body from the
middle to the feet. the Burmans
are all tat[to]oed from the loins to
the knees. they resemble the Chinese
in casr of feature but are much
darker. the nose is short & flat
the face broad chin narrow & the
inner margin of the Conjunctiva
drawn down as the Chinamans.
they have no cast & will eat pork
or drink grog. They are Bhuddists
& a pagoda is generally found
erected on the prominent hill
they are generally kindly in their
disposition unless badly treated
Small houses are erected on all
the pathways at intervals in

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