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which the traveller may take
rest. Their principal food is rice
they all chew a kind of thick
green leaf which makes the teeth
& mouth quite red their teeth are
always remaining black afterwards. They do not use
the Hookah as the Bengalees do
but smoke large cheroots the
tobacco being rolled up in a
leaf. a small kind is also
used the tobacco being merely
rolled up in the form of a cheroot.
Their housed are built of Bamboo
they are erected on bamboo
stakes put in the ground. they
have four walls & a sloping
roof. the door lifts from below on
a hinge of bamboo in the
upper part & most of then have a
compound or garden in which
they grow date palm Indian
corn plantain &ce Cocoa nuts
ther houses are from 12 to 30 feet square

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