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Thursday Jany. 20th. 1859

Up at 1/2 past 6. pony arrived
had a gallop on the road to
Singgong came on bd. at 1/2 past
7. Cutter going up to Sandoway
for the Capts. things Law went up
& I sent servant to Bazaar to by
some Burmah Boxes with seven rupees
returned without them saying
Henricks would bring them for me
went ashore about 5 & had a
long gallop. Dibbs & Bowen
came on board in the jolly about
9 oclock.

Friday Jany. 21st. 1859

Up at 1/4 to Seven went on shore
had a good long ride. returned
on bd. about 8. Capt. & Mrs.
came on bd. about 11.
brought newspapers. read them
reading [underscored: Red Rover] Went on shore
after dinner had a ride. Capt.

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