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Kyouk Phyoo & Akyab

Ripley Johnson Young Goodwin Maynood
Earl Hunt 3rd officer "Nem" Eales
Bowen Dibbs Law
Sang all round finished with
Auld Lang Syne. Got on Thomas's
poney outside lots of demands for
it. Outside Ripleys sung (He's a
jolly good fellow) returned on bd.
After bidding Ripley Goodbye

Tuesday Feby. 1st. 1859

Left this mg. at daylight for
Akyab before the "Nemesis" got about
2 miles start of her. She however
soon passes us. Was a fine
cool pleasant day. A pleasant
trip. landed in Akyab at 4 ocl
"Nemesis" had arrived at 2 p.m.
A large number of ship[s] have come
into Akyab since we left rather
more than a month ago. Mate of the Lady head that we met
at Chittagong at Fletcher's

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