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OClock had four beer walked
on the roof smoked a cheroot with
Philips looked out for the YL
opposite. Wade left about 11
thrashed Beda Charley Philips
got a blowing up after I got up
staris by the back room stairs.

Monday March14th. 1859

Up about 6. went down to Kidderpore
in a packee. went on board the
"Proserpine" arranged with Dibbs
about pay. went on bd. the
"Belgravia" Met Wharton stopped
& took breakfast with him went
down on bd. the "Ivanhoe" in
the "Belgravias" Ding[h]y Capt.
gone ashore. went back to the
"Belgravia" waited for Wharton
went ashore with him saw
his poneys in the Dockyard
Called with hin on Old
Linton in Middleton Row Wharton

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