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South Atlantic.

catch ten with Capt. Peterson & Alice
saw another large Shark under
the quarter 2 days ago would
not take the bait. got fresh water
to wash with today. weather still
keeping cool.

Wednesday June 1st. 1859

300 miles off St. Helena and
going along with a nice breeze
6 knots. expect to be in St.
on Friday. weather cool
penguins & Careys about often
Peterson got fear[?] today. get
up at 6 in the mg. smoke
cheroot. rolling a good
deal wind being astern. reading
(Never to[o] later to [?])

Saturday June 4th. 1859.

Fine Clear day & going along
with a nice breeze from SE.
Yesterday tried to make St. Helena
but missed owing to bad Steering .

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