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at Sea.

Friday June 24th. 1859.

Made 144 miles northing today a
good stg breeze laying N. by W.
8° off the Line today. Weather pleasant
cool. Therm: 75°

Saturday June 25th. 1858.

Two ocl this mg. went on deck
saw a ship's light on the port
Quarter. Fine strong breeze continues
done 152 miles northing today at 12
painting the ship & scrubbing.

Sunday June 26th. 1859

after 12 hrs laying so well as yesterday
did 145 miles northing today. only 3
degrees off the Line but it is quite
Cool. Peterson laid up with fever
boatswain caught a rat in his
fingers yesterday bit him slightly.
Therm: 75°

Monday June 27th. 1859.

Beautiful Clear day wind lighter

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