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of man. Dr. Latham objected to the
vague word race being used & said
that it would be more definite to
use the word species. Mr. Busk
spoke & shewed some skulls of what
he considered pure species, that of a
poynesian a malay &ce a Mr. Cull
wished to know how [written above: the skull of] a pure race
could be known no satisfactory

Thursday. Feby. 7th. 1861.

In the house today all day writing
up the case books which I have
been engaged in for some days
past. Mr. Ward has left today.
Sat reading 'Horace Saltoun' in the
evg. in the 'Cornhill' & walking to Dr. R.

Friday February 8th. 1861.

Down at 1/4 past 8 to breakfast read
the news & then went to the office
writing up the case books returning
certificates &ce. Visited the male

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