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It was a bright [afternoon scored through] morning in the month
of August that month in which the heat of
Summer gets mellowed down with a more
genial temperature & the leaves lately so
bright & green begin to assume a yellow
tinge. That month also when the sportsmen
seek the hills & glens [of the last of the brown scored through]
[heath & shaggy wood scored through] & enjoy
for a time the sport the bracing air &
healthful exercise [written above of>in bonny Scotland ] & thus recruit the
health broken down by living in the
business of cities. It was in this month
I say that a gallant ship lay moored
in Southampton Docks. She was destined
to receive the noble hearted men who
[disregarding scored through] fling aside all the comforts of home &
[parted from scored through] the society of their nearest
& dearest friends, sought but to avenge
the foul deeds done in the east, they
had heard of Husbands Wives Children
mangled torn limb from limb even
the young & beautiful received no

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