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p. 260

On bd. ship "Ivanhoe"

have done about 80 miles northing
since yesterday very warm to
day. A dolphin under the
bow. reading Cowpers Le Feu
Follet. Therm 76° A
Yankee barque showing her
Ensign ahead of us.

Sunday July 10th. 1859.

A light breeze sprung up
at 6 last evg. & continues light
today fair Stunsails on the
sd. side. Signalled the the Yankee
Barque "Sirene" from Maneland
to Falmouth 105 days out. we were
109 last evening. Asked him to re-
port us to Agents Falmouth made
37 miles northing today. all 4 obs. the
same today. Sun Continues warm
still & felt on Acct. of lightness of
the wind. Yankee still in sight
to day but gaining on us.
Therm. 76°

p. 260