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p. 266

on bd. ship "Ivanhoe"

sun all day with a cap first
time Therm: 67°.

Monday July 25th. 1859

Thick & foggy. Very cold wind
hauled round Closde hauled in
the evg. did more than 3 degrees
Long. by dead reckoning. Therm 63°.

Tuesday July 26th. 1859.

Fine clear day & warm wind from
N. Easterly 430 miles off Start. got
good obs. today. Therm: 65°.

Wednesday July 27th. 1859.

Fine day. Light fair breeze. 370
miles from Lizard. 170 miles from
Soundings. 66 miles since yesterday
Nearly calm all last night
Getting a fishing line ready to
day for makarel in the
Channel expect to reach the
Downs by Sunday 2 large
Grampus alongside today
Therm. 67°

p. 266