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In half an hour after, the 11
"[cosucnastein]" (such is the appell
-ations of Kentuckians, as
Buckeye" is of Ohioans, &
Hoosiers" of Indianians.)
stretched [hindey?] out on
the dining table which groan
ed under his weight cascade
with his [clerk?] for a pillow.
Soon after the [?]
col happening thru the cabin
& [?] [?] is [?]
-trate"! Here [?] oh
-ioans, once for all, that
the [Westian?] [?] Goats, being
all on the high [prepione?] [?]
-[?], at every stoke of
the piston [send?] for the [grapes?]
of [steam?] thru the used [?]
& piercing sounded alarming
to those who are not accus
-tomed to it. On the lower
or boiler deck - the hands

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