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Little book, enlivened of many a pleasant solitary hour
these pages are full and [are?] our days of companionship
draws near to a close. We must part and on other leaves
must be inscribed the future waymarks on the path of

The task of many days is done, & of each one since the
commencement of the present years is herein inscribed
some brief record that the many little incidents the pleasures
and the griefs of my youth might not be entirely forgotten
and that in coming years I might have this to read perhaps
at times and recall the thoughts and feelings of earlier
days have I written what to other eyes might seem
trifling and foolish. For my own improvement and, for
my own pleasure solely it was written, - a selfish
object truly - but I have wished no one to read it but
myself and it still is a treasure sacred to myself and
so let it remain. How could I write freely

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