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Carrie and I received a letter from Kate H.
written yesterday. Our letters must have
erased each other on the way.

Thursday. Warm. This morning we parted with our dear
Douglas, Hattie, and Kate who all went to Brooklyn
place at 10th New Apple st. and Kate to visit Aunt Graves.
We all felt badly when they drove off and it seemed
very lonesome here without them. - Miss Hagly was
here making dresses for Cassie so we both sat and
sewed with her all day. Wrote in the evening.
Very pleasant. At noon Mr. Tucker sent a package
of letters which he had just received from Mrs. [illegible]
to me to read. One of them was to Mrs. Tucker written
a day or two before she died - another was to Mr. Tucker
and there were two dear little notes enclosed to us
one from Ellen and one from her mother.
They were all very precious, but it was very affecting to
read Mrs. Seager's sweet and affectionate letter to Mrs J.
and remember that she to whom it was addressed was
not here to receive it - it seemed like the [illegible]
of the utmost soul to one most tenderly beloved.
and as if the twilight of her night of sorrow were already
[meeting?] over the devoted writer there was a strain of
melancholy breathing through her words yet ending in
an exulting hope, a [illegible] assurance that if on earth
they might meet once more in heaven theirs would be a blest
survivor. - Called on Miss Tucker ( M J's mother and housekeeper)
in the evening seated myself in Father's study intending to spend the evening
in writing to Ellen quite forgetful of the storm that was raging without

[written in the left margin] when a [illegible] [illegible] just of wandering as if close by we made an offering any chair
in terror, shuddering from head to foot, it struck one of the trees in Mr. Dickinson's yard.
By Father's advice, we extinguished the lights and lay on feather beds till the [illegible] of the stars
commenced writing again about ten o'clock and wrote till midnight.

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