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Saturday, Lovely day. Father took my letters to Mr. Inchen who kindly offered to enclose it in one of his that he sends today. I pity poor Mrs. Leager and Ellen when they receive it -- and oh what would I give to be there to soothe their sorrow! -- I was not well but kept about all day day and though I was obliged to lie down once in a while I did not lose many moments thus. Caroline went to Brooklyn in the afternoon.
Sunday August 1st Refreshingly cool. Morning at home. Attended S. School and church in the afternoon. Father preached from 1 John 3:25. Went with him to Monthly Concert in the evening. S. Wilde accompanied me home -- talked rather more rationally than when I saw him last -- he complained much of the blues.
Monday. Pleasant. Sewed very steadily all the morning Harriet and Kate came home to dinner and spent the afternoon and evening with us -- Douglas also joined them at tea. -- Katie and Kattie and I went out shopping together in the afternoon. How glad I was that she was with me she knows so much more about such things than I do -- it seems as though I could never do without her. Mr. Warner and Dr. Kinlay called in the evening.

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