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Friday May 21st Lovely day. Our visitors were obliged to leave
us soon after breakfast, on account of an engagement
at home. We girls spent the day in sewing on the
carpet which we finished before tea.
Prayer meeting at our house in the evening. Joseph &
Hannah WIlde staid more than an hour after the
class. I tried to appeas as usual though I felt tired
and sick, and was relieved when they at last left.
Caroline retired before meeting commenced.

Saturday. Warm and pleasant. A cessation of cleaning operations
today. Was busy in the kitchen most of the morning.
Sewed in the afternoon, and also finished a large
[t]idy which I intend as a present to Mr Murphy's mother.
Harriet will take it with her on her wedding trip.
She was much pleased with it.
Not being well I retired soon after tea.

Sunday. Damp. Attended our church in the morning.
A stranger preached; I do not recollect his name.
Did not again go out; being quite unwell and slept
most of the afternoon. Read the relious papers
in the evening, and derived much pleasure and I trust
benefit in the perusal of the American Messenger, a
paper published monthly by the Tract Society.
Also spent some time in reading the Book of books
and retired about ten/ Father preached in the morning
for Mr McGann, over church Bell, and in Bushwick in the evening

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