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Mr. Murphy arrived at seven, sent for a carriage and at
eight we started. Over head all was pitchy darkness, under
foot was mud and water sufficient to appall the heart
of the stoutest pedestrian. The ride however was
pleasant and so was the weding. The brides looked quite
pretty in their brocade dresses and white veils The
grooms also looked very well indeed. Then there was
the smiling bridesmaids neither of them so pretty as
Carrie, by the way the proud papa and mamma
and hosts of congradulatingfriends ; with a good supper,
brilliant lights, and a spirit of universal good humour
made it bright within in spite of the gloom without.
We staid about an hour. The ceremony was performed
at seven o'clock. Father united Lydia and the elder Mr
Ward, and Mr Beecher performed the same service for the
other couple.

Friday. Pleasant. Mother spent the day in Brooklyn with Carrie
Harriet also went over in the afternoon. Mary R. & Harriet
Strong made a long call and then with Natty and I made
an equally long one on the Hudsons. We had a very pleas-
-ant time. [Dr?]. Daniel came in before we left which made
it pleasanter still. Spent the evening in reading.

Saturday. Pleasant, remarkably so. Sarah and Hannah Wilde
called in the afternoon. I was also agreeably surprised to
receive a call from Mrs Amelia Haight and Sarah Gonsalves
Sarah is now staying in the city with Mrs Haight. Mary &

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