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Sarah and I spent the evening in reading and laughing over some very
flat specimens of modern literature in four [Dr?], which we
found in the Waverly Magazine of Boston.
Thursday. April 15th. Unpleasant. George Hudson made a
morning call. I met Albert at the breakfast table
He did not arrive last night till after we had retired
He is the same as ever, restless, ambitious and constantly
occupied with business. but we can see that he is
beginning to sober down a little and is anxious to
do well. Mary Emma has grown thin and her health
is poor, she has however a great idea of making
herself useful and took hold in good earnest to
help Mother. Certainly we were glad of it for Mother
is almost sick, Cornelius feeble, and with a house
full of company how could we but be grateful for
even a little assistance. Sarah and I were very lively
to-day : we [Dr?] laughing and George Hudson's call
contributed somewhat to our hilarity. Continuing our
sport in our room after dinner we received quite a
[Dr?] and Sarah leaving Her dressing went off to
assist Mary Emma's toilet while I after putting our
disordered room to rights quietly finished my own,
and then went down to the dining room to see Amelia
[Dr?], who had been waiting for me there a long time
She staid nearly all the afternoon chatting pleasantly
with me as she was want to do when she lived
with us. She has a situation in the country whither she
is going next week. She seems as much devoted to me as
ever, and is anxious to have me get married that she may
come and live with me
Amelia thinks she has discovered the [Dr?] whom the [Dr?] have intended
for me and is enraptured with the prospect. What encouragement could I give
the poor girl but to laugh at the idea, though I let her talk just to see what she
would say. Somebody might think himself very cruelly betrayedhad he heard it all

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