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Wednesday June 9th. Lovely day. Sewed in the morning.
In the afternoon shopped in Grand st and Fourth st
and called on Mary Reeve

Thursday. Weather the same. We all rose unusually early this
morning and were through breakfast and prayers before seven
o'clock. for a month past I have uniformly risen at
a very early hour and find the practice an excellent one
I find however that I am sleepy in the evening and am
obliged to retire earlier than formerly to make amends.
Well, I suppose this is a good practice also. "Early to bed,
and early to rise," has been preached into my ears by
my anxious Mamma from time immemorial, doubtless
from observing a very strong tendency to an opposite course
at least to the first clause. Quite early this morning
we were agreably [agreeably] surprised with a call from George Hudson
His farming life has added a shade of brown to his hitherto
almost too fair complexion but becomes him much,
I never saw him look so well. He says Kate's health
is not good and wants Carrie and I to make her a visit,
adding that she would be a great better if she had
company. We accordingly promised to come by and bye
should circumstances permit. No word from Harry, for
I was so neglectful as not even to mention his name!
What will he think? Mary R. called P. M. Father left [Dr?]
today on a trip to Canada. Heaven bless and protect him!
[Dr?] [Dr?] [Dr?] [Dr?] [Dr?] [Dr?] [Dr?] [Dr?] [Dr?] [Dr?] [Dr?] [Dr?] [Dr?] [Dr?] [Dr?]
that I had much more to say than I could possibly find time [Dr?] [Dr?]

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