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He is considerably browner than he was when I last
saw him. and looks much healthier; he is now quite
well and strong. and finds that the life of a farmer
suits him at last as far as health is concerned.
He staid some time and after he left I called on
Mary Reeve and she accompanied me to Mr Reginol's
flower garden whither I went to see about some
orange blossoms that Harriet wished to purchase ^ on wednesday
Leaving there we passed through Fourth st and called
at Kate Skinner's on another errand. We were therefore
obliged to pass Mr Coffin's drug store and at the time
in the doorway happened to be standing Mr [Dr?]. Coffin &
Mr H. Hudson. We passed of course with a bow.
Mary accompanied us home.
Tuesday.. pleasant. Early in the morning Mrs [Dr?],
a colored woman from N. [New] Haven and an old friend of the
family, arrived to assist at the wedding bringing with her
the wedding cake which was all made in N. [New] H. [Haven] by our
old cook Ellen Thompson. Hannah Hudson called in
the afternoon. I went out of an errand and Henry called
very soon after my return. I felt badly when he informed
me that he does not now enjoy religion. He says he has
given it up entirely but I will still pray that the Lord
will lead him back in the right way. _ Mr Murphy took
tea and spent the evening here. What a glorious moonlight
evening it was __ one could do nothing but enjoy it.
Harriet employed most of the P.M. in packing her trunk
Harriet answered Kate's letter in the evening.
Mr & Mrs Hudson called.

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