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no time to lose. Annie dressed the bride and while
we were all hurrying as fast as possible Cousin [Dr?]
arrived from New Haven. There was a hasty though
affectionate greeting. a wondering why she did not
come before then she too hastened to make what needed
alterations there were in her toilet. Carrie and I were
soon ready and went down to meet the company
who had already begun to arrive. Aunt Graves presented
the bride with a silver fruit knife, and Mary Emma
gave her a handsome bag with some verses of her own
composition written for the occasion. It was almost
tthree o'clock the hour appointed for the ceremony when
suddenly in almost as little time as it takes to write
it the hitherto bright sky was darkened and a violent
thunder-storm swept over passing almost as quickly as
it came. Every thing seemed so bright and clear, no
one entertained the remotest idea of rain, but in five
minutes it was pouring down as if preparatory to a
second flood and in ten more was gone.
The suddenness and the rapidity with which it came and
went were remarkable, just at the hour too -- leaving
us in doubt whether to consider it as a good or a bad
omen but not being at all superstitious we did not
take this into very serious consideration. I t had the good
affect however of settling the dust, and slightly cooled the
atmosphere, but several who were on their way hither

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