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I fear but natural ones. Dear Hattie, her mission to us
is ended and nobly has she performed her part, now she
goes to gladden the heart and home of another. There
she cannot fail to be a blessing and indeed that she
will be wherever she goes and hand in hand with a
husband whose whole heart is bent on doing good, may
they have many years to carry on their blessed labors
God bless you, dearest brother and sister ___ my heart
is full, I can say no more but once again -- God bless you!

After the ceremony Alexander Culbert led [Dr?]
forward to salute the bride -- many were pressing toward
them with affectionate kisses and congratulations, and
amid the general gaiety I soon recovered my serenity
and enjoyed the afternoon extremely. The bride and groom
took their departure at half-pass four in order to reach
the Albany boat by six o'clock the hour for leaving.
Elisabeth left with them as she returned to New Haven
to-night much against our wishes. After they had
gone the company gradually dispersed, Starr and Annie
alone remaining to tea but returned to N. Y. [New York] in the
course of the evening. A more lovely evening could not
have been desired for a bridal journey; the moon
never seemed to have shone more brightly or more
sweetly and [Dr?] perhaps thought two sailing up the majestic
Hudson, and by the aid of Luna's kind beams enjoying to the
full the rich beauty and granduer of the surrounding scenery

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