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Thursday July 1st July weather in eanest. Was not very
well from the effects of eating but a very small piece
of wedding cake. It was too rich for me.
Lay down nearly all the morning. Harriet's Sabbath
School class spent most of the afternoon with me as
H. [Harriet] had requested them last Sunday to do so, She wishes
me to take her place to them now that she has gone
and I shall endeavor to do so. I treated the children
to as much lemonade and wedding-cake as they
wanted, talked with them and let them play in the
yard where they enjoyed some fine runs.
They seemed much pleased with their new teacher
and I was pleased with them but little Alice Wilde
is my favorite. She is a sweet child, and a perfect
little lady, and considering some peculiar disadvantages
she has had to contend with her sweetness of disposition
and manner seems indeed remarkable. Among the
wildest rocks the sweetest flowers may grow, thought
I as sitting in the back piazza I watch her
gracefully sporting with the other children in the yard
below with an air of [Dr?] superiority in every
movement; yet I looked upon them all with an eye
of affection, and an earnest prayer rose from my heart
that to them I might come as a blessing.
The children left just before tea.

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