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Monday July 5th 1852. The glorious Fourth happening
on sabbath, this day was celebrated instead.
At midnight commenced the firing of crackers,
pistols and torpedos, of which the latter article seemed
to take a great fancy to our chamber windows, and
kept poor Carrie awake half of the night, but I having
attended church three times the day before and s. [sunday] school
besides, retired so much fatiqued that I slept soundly
in spite of the racket. It had rained a little just
before morning, settled the dust and cooled the
atmosphere so as far as the weather was concerned the
day fully equalled the hopes of all the good people
who delight to show their patriotic zeal by making
the most of this great national holiday. But as for
me, though it was from no want of patriotism,
I spent the day quietly at home, adding four more
pages to the already closely filled ^ sheet of saturday to Sarah,
spent an hour or two in selecting pieces for a scrap
book, and read considerably in the afternoon. Carrie
spent it mostly in the same way. Natty went on an
excursion to Staten Island and was absent till tea-time
Father spent the day in going about his Master's work .---
was with no to dinner.___ a great thing to us as it very
seldom occurs except on sunday. Joseph and Mary called
in the evening and accompanied us to see the fire works
in [Dr?] [Dr?].___ they proved nothing very extraordinary

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