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Questions Upon the "Marble Faun."

1. Who was Miriam?
2. Was she maiden, wife or mother?
3. Why did she sketch an infant's shoe?
4. Why did her fancy run on bloody crimes?
5. Was the man who haunted her life, possessed of the devil, or be-
reft of reason?
6. How came he to his death?
7. What were her characteristics?
8. Did she love Donatello? How could she?
9. What were her sentiments toward mankind?
10. Why is she so shrouded in mystery?
11. What is the nature of Hilda's friendship?
12. Did she most abound in charity, or self purification?
13. Did she keep her white robe pure?
14. Was Donatello, man or faun?
15. What kind of tips had his ears?
16. What caused his transformation?
17. Do ears indicate the disposition?
18. What was there in Donatello's character to command respect?
19. What was there to despise?
20. Give the predominant characteristics of Kenyon.
21. Describe the types of character, as shown in the four central fig-
ures of the book.

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