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Sept 7h 1909.
My dear Alfred,
Walter and I left the children
Sept 2nd + [and] are taking a most
interesting automobile trip with
Jennie + [and] Jack. We started
from Zurich + [and] went to Brunner
over the Axenstrasse to Huelten [Fluelen?]
to Go ̈shenen, where we spent
the night then over the St. Gotthard
Pass to Lugano to Villa D’Este
in - Lake Como, to Milan for now
we were over night at Verona,
a most wonderfully quaint
old city with remarkable
examples of old architecture.
Have you been here? We
are now en route to Venice
where we expect to stay a few days.
How are you + [and] why haven’t you answered
my letter % Gebing – Love Lulu

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Dr. Alfred E. Cohn
[strikethrough] [illegible]
Holland [/strikethrough]

Great Central Hotel
Marylebone Road
London N.W.

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This is a good transcription from what I can see. Some of the place names are hard to identify. I wonder if the word you have transcribed as Huelten is actually Fluelen. I see that on the map of Switzerland about where it appears this group traveled to. I believe the beginning of line 18 should be transcribed "Have you been here?".