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Phyllis' house is just out of sight up the road marked x from Avebury
(see card)
[?]. It's called Manor Farm House and sits amidst garden and wire [?].
Now one smells roses and now something else. I like it but you, Ruth, would
not. You'd be selling things to rights and trying to exchange the barnyard and
neither can be done. Both have existed several hundred years and are [?] content[?].
What's the word, corresponding [strikethrough] with [/strikethrough] to amphibious which means existing now
in the vegetable, now in the animal world? That's the sort of existance we lead.
The greenery surges up [?] about us [?].

In the evening off state, as the Royal See, with "decorative worm?", who should come up
and greet me but Sir Thor. Lewis [?]. We had much talk, after some skirmishings,
on how one gets a research idea and we parted undually [?] pleased, I think, since
we found ourselves in agreement. He has no longer a grating surface. Poor
man! He's had 3 coronary shocks lately, so McKee says, and remarked
often the last "Death still has many arrows in his quiver." But he continues
to push [?] vigorously the idea of clinical investigation as such. Many here deem him a doctrinaire, many more than would do so in the U.S. conditioned by the demand [?] whom we supplant.
We want to come to you for one of those week ends but cannot now
say which because of the move from the apartment, its time being uncertain.
We [leave] on the 16th. Don't tie up those week-ends because of me but let me come if you have a - [strikethrough] [/strikethrough] free one. We do want to. - Our love. P.

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