and equity conveyed said properties to the
said John Taylor as Trustee of said Church,
without any consideration or pretence of
consideration, for the sole purpose of
releasing any semblance of title in them
as such executors and that the trust
assumed by their testator in respect to said
properties might be faithfullly, and honestly

The following is a desciption of parcels
so as aforesaid conveyed, and which in the
complaint are alleged to have been conveyed
in payment of the claim in favor of said
John Taylor therein set forth.

Block 87 Plat A. Salt Lake City Survey known as Temple Block
Lots 3 and 4 in Block 88 Plat A in said survey
The Part of Lot 8 in Block 76 Plat A aforesaid
deccribed in complaint.

And the defendants further answering
allege that other parcels of real estate
described in the complaint and therein
alleged to have been conveyed to said
John Taylor were claimed by the Trustee
in trust of said Church and alleged

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I don't know how to best transcribe the strike-through on this page.

Gina Strack (Utah State Archives)

Our objective is not a published transcript that indicates such things, so I think skipping is fine.