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NOV 1 1915

C. W. Anderson.
232 Cedar Ave.
Minneapolis, Minn.

Honorable William Spry.
Governor, State of Utah.
Salt Lake City, Utah.


I wish to again bring before you the fact that you have
sentenced to be shot one of our comrades, Joseph Hillstrom, whom
you know deep down in your heart, is innocent of any crime whatsoever,
as the evidence that the State of Utah, brought up against
Him will not stand good in the eyes of the people of the U.S.
who are everywhere protesting against this unlawfull peace of

Is the State of Utah so determined to shed innocent
blood? If it is, remember the day is not far off when such
injustice will have to be answered to the PEOPLE as a whole.
Do you think it is going to bring you any thing by letting Joseph
be shot to death? NO, it isn't. Remember it will only
bring the hatred of the People as a whole against you and is
liable to injure the future welfare of the State of Utah.

The citizens of the large city of Minneapolis, Minn.
have been in protest against this awfull miscarriage of justice
and are not going to keep still until they see Hillstrom given
a new trial which is due Him as you know and you must give it
to him.

It seems to me that the State of Utah is going backwards
instead of advancing as other States are doing. The state
in which I am a citizen of (Minnesota) has many years ago abolished
such a damnable thing as Capital Punishment and give their prisoners
recreation in the open air and also the best of treatment which
shows advancement if you please. What is Utah going to do about it?
Do you mean to come frankly out in the open and confess that you
don't want to try and advance?

Did you ever read the Constitution of the United States?
Do you know what it says there? It plainly states that every man,
women and child shall have a fair and impartial trial by Jury.
Such was not the case of Joseph Hillstrom and if are going to be
honest with yourself and the People as a whole you must by all
means give Hillstrom a new trial. When such Men as the Swedish
Minister to the U.S. and Honorable Woodrow Wilson intervenes
it is about high time that you, (who are supposed to be serving the
people of Utah to the best of your ability) wake up to the fact
that you are living in the 20th. century and not a thousand years
ago when barbarism existed and I must say that it still exists
in Utah if you are so determined to shed blood of an innocent man.
You are the one who has the power to give Hillstrom a new trial
and you want to be sure and act before the 19th. of November, Be
sure that you act right, by letting Hillstrom have a new trial, as
I am sure and so are thousands of other citizens of the U.S. that
Joseph Hillstrom will be able to exonerate himself if he is given
a fair and impartial trial which you must give him. Remember and
act before the 19th. of November as the people of the U.S. have their
eyes on Utah and are waiting to see what you are going to do. I am a
man who believes in justice and I want to see it in this case of Joe
. Hoping that you act right by giving him a new trial I

Yours to Progress.

C. W. Anderson.

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